Tips For Winning The Battle In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an adventures game which contains 13 extremely exciting levels. All people while they are youngsters, kids or old ones are appreciating this game. They can easily use their leisure time by playing this and kill the free time. Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems is a quite difficult tool to use and if you are a desire to know the important tips read below.

  • The first and important tip is that you must play on your side. While this is a very obvious thing but generally people ignore this because they always try to be over smart. When you play on your side it will help you a lot because there are many things which are in your favor. If you will not fight on your side you will definitely have to face many additional damages.

  • Sometimes it will really beneficial if you take some damage. Actually, it depends on the situation for example if opponent put off his weak troop against you that time just take relax. You should don’t defend because in defending you can lose strong cards and if you don’t take any step you just have to face little damage. That’s why avoid defending in such type of situation it will prove a smart decision for you in the whole battle.

  • Watch your replays because by this you can learn from mistakes. If you watch replays you can easily improve gaming skills and this is the best way for this. In fact, you also watch replays of your clan mates. You can discuss this with clan mates and feel hesitation by this you will also get the ways to fix the mistakes.

These are some basic and simple tips which you must use in the game and it will help you in winning the battle.

Top Five PSP Exclusive Games

Surprisingly, the PSP has very few exclusive compared to other video game systems on the market. You would think the most advance handheld gaming system ever could produce more exclusive games. Still, the few available are worth buying the PSP to play. Here are the top five exclusive games on the PSP.
5. Jeanne D’Arc

Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Level 5, Release Date: August 21, 2007, ESRB Rating: T

Jeanne D’Arc is a turn-based strategy game with a story inspired on Joan of Arc. This PSP exclusive is one of only a handful of role-playing exclusive games on the handheld system. So expect top-notch audio and visuals. In addition, the engaging strategic gameplay will keep you glued to the PSP screen. Needless to say, Jeanne D’Arc is one of the best original games on the PSP.

4. Patapon

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment, February 26, 2008, ESRB Rating: E

Another original PSP game is Patapon, which is a music rhythm game unlike any other. You control an army by simulating the banging of war drums. Several strategic elements also add to the depth of this PSP exclusive. The slick silhouette graphics and strangely addicting chants further enhances the experience. At a budgeted price to boot, Patapon should be in your PSP collection.

3. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: March 25, 2008, ESRB Rating: T

Square Enix’s line of Final Fantasy VII spin-offs has been lacking quality. That is, until Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII arrived exclusively to the PSP. Taking place before the events of Final Fantasy VII, the spin-off features plenty of fan service. Its hack-and-slash combat system and handheld-friendly missions will give non-fans something to look forward to in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII as well.

2. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, Developer: Ready at Dawn Studios, Release Date: March 4, 2008, ESRB Rating: M

The God of War series took advantage of the Playstation 2’s power to create mind-blowing visuals. The same could be said for God of War: Chains of Olympus and the PSP. You simply won’t find a better looking handheld game. Not to mention that the ultra-violent action translate very well into handheld form. The exclusive God of War: Chains of Olympus makes a great showcase title for the PSP.

1. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Publisher: Konami, Developer: Kojima Productions, Release Date: December 5, 2006, ESRB Rating: M

After a couple of spin-off games, the highly cinematic Metal Gear Solid series finally comes to the PSP. Aside from the high production values, Portable Ops differs from other games in the series. The main one being that you can recruit any enemy you see in the battlefield to join your cause. With more strategic elements and an addicting online multiplayer, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is the best PSP exclusive yet.

Retro Video Game Reviews: Cowboy Kid (NES)

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars
Cowboy Kid was a Nintendo Entertainment System video game released in 1992 by Romstar, who made a handful of other cartridges such as Championship Bowling and Snow Bros., along with some arcade titles in the 1980’s. This Western-themed adventure beat-’em-up style had minigames, RPG elements, and some rather humorous touches.


Taking control of protagonist Sam, the player begins in a 2.5d Wild West town, wandering around and admiring the scenery before discovering that he can enter buildings with open doors. In the first one, a kindly gentleman remarks that he should not be unarmed, so he gives him a free knife. As absurd and amusing as this is, it is rather essential, as obtaining the knife allows the player to encounter enemies, kill them for money, and open boxes and barrels by stabbing them. Stabbing repeatedly will be a constant theme throughout Cowboy Kid, as soon-to-be Sheriff Sam (he becomes Sheriff at the end of the opening level) will end up viciously stabbing hundreds of people to death before his duties are over.

After the opening level, the player is given a menu of six wanted villains to choose from, each having their own stage to play, similar to Mega Man. Each level has villains to kill, items to find and gather to meet objectives, and an ending sequence before the final boss battle.

The gameplay is a roughly a beat-’em-up scene like Battletoads, but with a heart gauge that can be restored in increments depending on the healing item (French fries heal two hearts, while chicken heals four, for example) or increased in total altogether, and some minigame portions, including blackjack, a shooting gallery, and Striker, a version of the “grab an oversized mallet and hit the target to make the marker rise up the post” classic carnival game. Since money is collected for items and health can be increased, along with entering building and talking to people to discover the information needed to complete level objectives, this is a game slightly deeper than your typical stab-’em-up, and ends up being perhaps most comparable to River City Ransom, although not quite as good.

Romstar has never had one of the premiere reputations among NES developers, and their not-quite-elite development quality shows in some quirky flaws throughout Cowboy Kid. For example, the player can come across a set of barrels that includes money and sheriff’s stars (five of which grants an additional health heart), bust the barrels, take the items, then scroll until the barrels are off-screen, return to the barrels, and see them whole again. This basically means a patient player can max out on the two most important scaling traits in the game, or at least make massive gains as much as desired. The level designs are also somewhat convoluted; and although this can be seen as an appropriate challenge, even the linear portions (cue the train-hopping end to Slash Joe’s level) can really seem to drag on. Also, the combat mechanic itself is underdeveloped, with odd hit detection not quite polished, and can be a challenge with such large cartoon-like sprites yet when the player gets “used to it” seems forgivable; in reality, it should have been a bit more refined, but as published amounts to a two-frame stab animation that relies on arbitrary pixel-simple hit detection. If that critique does not make any sense, try this: Play Double Dragon for ten minutes, then Cowboy Kid for ten minutes, then try to explain exactly why the hit detection and fight mechanics in Double Dragon are obviously superior yet difficult to fully elucidate as to why.


This is one goofy-lookin’ game. The oversized cartoony character sprites are childish and silly, but do provide some of the funniest bits of gaming to be found on the NES. On the aforementioned Slash Joe level, for instance, there are Mexicans walking around and taking swigs of drink before you stab them, and Slash Joe himself grabs his balls every time you stab him, implying that in this game you kill the boss by slashing his testicles repeatedly. On another level, you fight farm animals. On other levels, the expressions on baddies’ faces upon their deaths are outright laughable. Strangely, though, the backgrounds and certain other elements actually look solid, and the large item icons are easily identifiable, unlike some particular other games of the era. The villain selection screen is a pleasant touch, with the iconic Wanted posters used.


The sound effects are barely even noticeable, but the background music is explicitly country-Western right from the start, with a memorable title screen track that leads into barn dance tunes throughout. While some may not exactly be fans of country music, it is at the very least complementary to the gaming theme present, and not rendered terribly.


Cowboy Kid is an unusual game, fairly unique, and can be considered remarkably original, if not simplistic in how it achieves its grand ambitions. Even if other NES games were adventure or beat-’em-up with RPG elements, none of them quite did it like Cowboy Kid, especially considering its consisent Western theme; which, even if itself was not unique, again, was never quite done in this style of gameplay. There are subtle touches of fun throughout, like getting called a “yellowbelly” if Sam says no to the offer to become sheriff at the end of the opening chapter.

But despite its humor, its distinctive nuances, and its solid overall presentation, the oddity of the bland fighting mechanics along with not-fully-enjoyable levels prevent this from being a truly great game. There are, however, many much worse options out there, and Cowboy Kid fairly carves up three stars out of five.

Oh, and another interesting game for comparison is Willow (deeper RPG elements, but similar town-navigation and combat hit-detection issues). Just sayin’.

Top Ten Best RPG’s on Video Game Consoles

While I’m sure there will be a lot of people commenting on games I left out, I can only speak for myself in this article. These are my top 5 favorite RPG’s. If you disagree, go ahead and make your own list and let me know about it.
If I left a game out such as Final Fantasy III for example, chances are I haven’t had enough time to play it. Hey, these games require a large investment in time so it’s tough to play them all.

5. Phantasy Star 4 (Genesis)-

While many players prefer the first game in the series to the fourth, I happen to like this one better because of its far superior graphics, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and epic sci-fi/fantasy scope that has players traveling across the galaxy to fight the evil Dark Force in order to, you guessed it, save mankind. The combat system is riveting with combination attacks that are beautiful and deadly.

4. Chrono Trigger (SNES)-

With its mute main character and emphasis on time traveling, Chrono Trigger is different from many other RPG’s out there and was ahead of its time. The storyline is epic and the combat system is excellent because of the combination attacks you can pull off with multiple characters in battle. The soundtrack is also excellent for this game, which stands the test of time as one of the SNES’ best RPG’s and easily one of the best of all-time.

3. Tactics Ogre (Ps1)-

This game is more of a strategy RPG but is a classic game that unfortunately got swept underneath the rug due to lack of advertising and notoriety. The game play is similar to the more-popular Final Fantasy Tactics but has a little more depth to it and features the ability to recruit several different types of characters both human and animal into your party. This game had me hooked despite the fact that I was all set to take it back to the store without playing it due to its primitive graphics.

2. Final Fantasy 7 (Ps1)-

This is the game that brought RPG games to the next level with its incredible production values and memorable characters like Cloud and Sephiroth. I’ll never forget the first time I popped this incredibly atmospheric and beautiful game into my Playstation. Going on and defeating gargantuan side bosses like the Ruby and Emerald Weapons added a new level of challenge to an already great game.

1. Chrono Cross (Ps1)-

Many hard-core gamers don’t like this title because it features so many playable party members and thus character development is sacrificed, but I happen to love the fact that I never run out of interesting and unique characters to mess around with in my party.

The graphics in this game are stunning for the original Playstation and the soundtrack is perhaps the best ever heard in a video game. The story is a little hard-to-follow but the epic feel of the game and the sheer fun of combat makes this my favorite RPG of all-time.

Drew Karpyshyn’s Mass Effect: Revelation: A Book Review

Fifty-eight pages into Drew Karpyshyn’s Mass Effect: Revelation, the fearless soldier catches up with his team just in time, dragging his injured comrade with him. “‘ I told you not to wait for us,'” he shouts at them “‘… I should bust each of you down a full rank for disobeying orders!'” He pauses, then adds: “‘That, or recommend you all for medals.'”
I know I must have seen that before in military fiction, because otherwise how could it feel so cliched? But I suspect that the busted-a-rank-or-we-can-has-medals owes more to G.I. Joe than Platoon. And it certainly has no place in the prequel novel setting the stage for and written by the lead writer of, the multi-platform video game Mass Effect, released this year.

Although obscured by the release of Halo 3 and those guitar games, Mass Effect has found critical acclaim for its innovative story line, big sci-fi universe (which is drawing comparisons to Star Wars, but I would suggest The Fifth Element, or Larry Niven’s novels), and RPG mechanics in a FPS interface. (That would be role-playing game, and first-person shooter, the yin and yang of the modern gaming world.)

I started Revelation with an open mind that quickly closed with dread. Karpyshyn is at his most sophomoric and hackneyed in the broad brush strokes he uses to establish the novel’s milieu. “Every major religion on Earth,” he writes in the two paragraphs he devotes to future history of theology following the discovery of alien life, “was rocked to its core. Dozens of new belief systems sprang up overnight…”

I’ve studied the various documented reactions to Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast, but I also lived through the overwhelmingly tepid response to NASA’s discovery and subsequent rebuttal of Martian fossils in the Antarctic meteorite. There was a sci-fi novel written before that find where mankind is galvanized and inspired by the discovery of Martian trilobytes: funding for the space program increases by orders of magnitude, strangers watch for Mars footage together in bars and storefront windows (even Moscow, if you please), and all of our differences seem somehow petty.

Well, all of our differences are petty, but I don’t see the discovery of Martian trilobytes or Europan arboreal hominids or sophisticated alien research labs creating “dozens of new belief systems” overnight.

Which I suppose is a matter of opinion. But the end of modern religion is not a foregone conclusion, and you should devote more than two paragraphs to it if you want it to be part of your universe.

I decided around page eighty or so that I had to finish this book so that I could warn others away from it. Like Job’s servant, I alone would escape to tell thee. But something funny happened. A few of the two-dimensional characters unexpectedly turned in profile and revealed a third dimension. Some neat plot devices and some hints involving mysterious artifacts and nefarious plots that I found myself giving a damn about. Which makes me the servant who informs Job that his beach house collapsed in an earthquake in the middle of a rave, but everybody got out with cuts and bruises and the insurance will cover ninety percent of the damage. Oh, an when you rebuild it, you can do the beach front staircase the way Assurbanipal’s three houses down is, sort of snaky and spirally.

Revelation may have borrowed some tired conventions that needn’t have been borrowed, but it also builds upon and contributes to the growing genre of video game narrative. (It was not too long ago that someone said, “Wouldn’t it be wacky if the ghosts chasing Ms. Pacman moved differently? and were different colors?”) Video game writers are discovering what works, what narrative devices complement the hands-on nature of a game. In a militaristic story, the course of events would be dictated by what sort of weapons exist, and what sorts of armor.

A character who can take twenty body shots and keep going in the video game can’t morph into a defenseless coward in the cut scenes or the novel. If space travel is made to work a certain way to facilitate exciting game play, then the real-world implications of such a manner of travel should be addressed in the narrative. Most importantly, and most aptly handled in Revelation, is back story: if two pixelated characters (the pixels are still there, rendered or not; they’re just getting harder to see) in the game are going to spend hours chasing and shooting at each other, at a considerable personal risk, then the prequel book should answer two questions: Why? and Why do I care?

For all of its faults, Revelation ultimately delivers a handful of survivors (the casualties among the book’s cast are considerable, which serves to heighten our emotional investment in the ones that remain) that are interesting, have multi-faceted parts and complicated motivations. The title is appropriate, both for the apocalyptic implications of the mysterious artifact, and for the revealing of various things: motivations, relationships, betrayals. Most effectively, the author introduces a cast of characters without signs over their heads reading GOOD GUY! BAD GUY! We experience each character on his own terms, from his own perspective (there are really only two women in this universe, much like Tolkien), and only in the dramatic conclusion do the house lights come up for us to see the color of everyone’s shirt. Realizing that this character is ‘good’, and that one is ‘evil’, after experiencing so much of the story from the perspective of each and from other competing factions, comes not as a plot twist or a surprise ending but as a revelation.

Gamers, especially if you haven’t played Mass Effect and plan to: read this book. You won’t regret it.

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What is Hay Day Hack?

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What is hay day hack?

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Where to get hay day hack?

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About Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator mobile game for your Android and iOS devices

Pewdiepie is the most famous Swedish video producer and web based comedian who has been reached top position in the youtube channel. He is actually 27 years old popular youtuber but has more than 40 million of subscriber for his youtube channel. He is a very big inspiration to so many numbers of beginner youtubers and most of them would like to become a famous youtube personality like pewdiepie. The leading mobile game developer Outerminds Inc has developed and recently released an excellent option of game called pewdiepie tuber simulator as the dedication to him. This is actually the mobile game compatible with all versions of iOS and Android platforms.

Features of this simulator game:

When the smart phone users are downloading and installing this simulator game on your android or ios devices, you can follow the footsteps of the popular internet start Pewdiepie. Every person can enjoy your game play by just creating your own pocket tuber in this game. The following are the most considerable features of this retro styled simulator game.


  • It includes the completely epic quests for quickly gaining more amounts of currencies.
  • Pewdiepie provided his real voice acting for his virtual character in this game.
  • Each and every player can able to show off your awesome room by just sharing it on the web.
  • You can connect with your friends and send/receive the swag gifts.
  • The players can follow your most favorite players & also get an opportunity to vote for them in the various weekly events.
  • You can make a challenge with your friends in the survival arena.
  • Everyone can boast your score on the facebook through this game.
  • There is also a great opportunity to play the ever cutest mini-game named Puggle.
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